Energy Anatomy

The Human Energy Field (HEF) is made of endless dimensions. The first dimension is that of the physical body. This is the level at which massage, physical therapy, medications and other physical modalities work.

The second dimension is that of the auric or etheric energy levels. This is the level where one can work with the seven chakras and other layers of the human energy field. The auric level contains the “blueprint” for our physical body, our emotions, and our belief systems. Any distortion on the etheric level is felt in our physical/emotion/spiritual body as pain, fear, tension, fatigue, illness, depression, confusion , isolation , lack of faith, stagnation and other negative states. Energy work involves clearing the distortions found in the chakras and the human energy field. Once old energy is released, new higher level energies can fill the space. Energy leaks are plugged, energy conduits to the earth and heavenly energies are opened and one can experience a new flow.

The chakras nourish and supply energy to the various organs and tissues in the physical body; and each chakra is associated with particular emotional and spiritual issues (see Chart on Chakra Function, Color and Self-Care).

A third dimension is that of the haric level. This is the level of intentionality. It carries our deepest spiritual longings that we came to earth to fulfill. It is at this level that our personal life task and world tasks are defined. The physical and auric fields are built upon this dimension. The work involves strengthening your alignment with your hara line and clearing distorted energy communications between the chakra level energies and your deeper, central energy current.

Stay tuned for the unfolding mystery of multiple dimensions.

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Chakras ChartChakras Chart

Chakras Chart
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Chakras Information

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