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First ChakraFirst Chakra: Tribe, physical energy, connecting of physical/energy body to earth; desire to fully live on this earth. Color is red.

Second ChakraSecond Chakra: Relationship to others, family, institutional structures; money, sex, power sensuality, creativity, ability to give and receive. Color is orange.

Third ChakraThird Chakra: Sense of place in the universe, sense of belonging, one’s intention towards health/healing.
Color is Yellow.

Fourth ChakraFourth Chakra: Giving and receiving both human and spiritual love. Ego will involved with this chakra; issues of trust, surrender, safety. Color is green.

Fifth ChakraFifth Chakra: Bringing nourishment for oneself, finding and speaking your truth, the physical passageway for spiritual energies to transcend into physical human heart. Color is blue.

Sixth ChakraSixth Chakra: Clear understanding of concepts and practical ways to carry out ideas. Energies of spiritual teachers and guides present through this chakra. Soul development. Color is purple and/or turquoise.

Seventh ChakraSeventh Chakra: Integrating personality and spirituality to access highest wisdom. Alignment with the purpose of life. Ability to reside in the mystery. Color is gold/white and velvet black.