Mary Beth's Training
Mary Beth began her training as a child, learning from the energies of the natural world and the teachings transmitted through stained glass windows, beautiful music, interesting books and colors.

She is a graduate of the Physician Assistant Program at Emory University in 1979. She has 34 years of experience in traditional medicine which include obstetrics and gynecology specializing in teenage pregnancy, homeless health care, and the in urgent care setting in a Veterans VA Outpatient Clinic. She currently continues to practice medicine at the VA, caring for young combat veterans when they return from the battlefield.

Her growing intuition and a series of intense life events that opened her awareness of energy fields led her The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, graduating in 1995. Deeper questions about the meaning of life/death and trauma/healing led her to continue on to study Kabbalistic Integrative Healing with Jason Shulman, founder of Society of Souls. She is a student of Pema Chodron, a Buddhist nun and teacher with the Shambhala lineage of Buddhism. Currently she is deepening her study of astral and relational healing with Dean Ramsden.

Other trainings include certifications as Level II Trauma Release Exercise Facilitator (2011), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Educator (2010); and Compassion Fatigue Educator/Green Cross (2009). She teaches Miksang Contemplative Photography and other contemplative practices. These trainings have offered her many tools for working with trauma, burn-out, psychological and spiritual crisis.

Mary Beth McBride on the mountain