Energy Work with Mary Beth
Mary Beth McBride offers an Energetic Healing process that works with both the physical body and the energetic bodies in an intimately connected way. Distortions and imbalances in the energetic body lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “dis-ease”. Mary Beth integrates her understanding of the physical body/processes with her skills in working with the many levels of the energetic body to assist each person in taking their own individual steps towards healing, higher energy levels, and increased consciousness. She also offers specialized energy work before and after surgery, for fracture healing, and during cancer treatments.

Her work involves charging, clearing, repairing, balancing and strengthening the energy field on the cellular, organ and tissue level and on the levels of individual chakras, their interface with each other and the physical/emotional/spiritual bodies. She can clean and clear the connections between our chakras and others (relationship cords), between our energy field and the collective field, and our energy field and the unseen energies but felt energies of the astral (spirit) world. Energetic and physical grounding and boundary setting are always addressed in each session. She can assist in clearing and resetting familial energetic patterning, thus stopping the transference of negative family patterns to the next generation. Working with families and children is a special focus of hers.

With this work, energy levels increase, held tensions and low energy blocks are removed, emotional confusion clears, and spiritual connections can amplify and integrate into the physical experience of this life.

Sessions include a teaching component for energetic self-care. This work supports other healing modalities, including allopathic medicine approaches to health.

Mary Beth's Training

Mary Beth McBride